Annual Day Plan & Teams

Hariom Students/Parents,
 Last class was productive, we had sorted out a lot of things for the annual day:
  • We had talked with Ritu Climanti and told her our presentation can go upto 13 mins, she seemed to be fine with that. So we don’t have work on squeezing the songs etc and carry out each program in the natural pace. This is a big releif.
  • Since ours is a long program, we have to be really be organized for each items, so that we waste no more then 30 secs, between each item.
  • Ritu said she will confirm again, but right now our program will be first one on 3rd, May and will start at 10:15 am
  • We had talked with Dr. Venka and took the permission to use the Sound System in the auditorium for our practise classes from next week. So we can practise on the stage and with the sound system directly. 
  • The participants in each item are identified and thier names are uploaded on the site as well:
So, what do you have to do now,
  • Watch the videos online and practise at home individually and we can practise it together for the rythm etc during the class next saturday @ 9am.
  • Try to collect the costumes and other things that may be needed for your role.
  • As a general team attire we will try to stick to “White Payjama-Lalchi/Salwar/Kameez” if you don’t exactly have that just wear any white dress.
  • About the dance we will try to stick to the steps in the Video as much as possible, as everyone would be practising individually more, and there would be confusion if we alter steps a lot.
We are glad to see that, we are organized so far. So, students/parents just at home and your Balsanskar Annual Day, lot of fun and present your class well to our other classmates/parents in the sunday school.
Venkat & Sukeshini
Cell: 256-797-3746

Balsanskar (Yoga) Annual day

Hariom Students/Parents,

  It was a great fun class this morning after a short break, for those of you who missed the class we practiced some of our regular things and had discussed about the coming annual day for our class. Tentative day for the annual day for this class is 3rd, May.

What is the AIM of Balsanskar class =  “Tan Tandurust, Mann Prasann Aur Budhi mein Budhi Datah ka Gyan aur Preeti”  , which if I try to translate in english is basically 
    ” Healthy Body, Cheerful Mind, an Intellect to understand/know the God who gives us the energy to do everything and to love the God.”

Just a recap, what is our Balsanskar class about:
  1.Sanskar  (Culture) =  


Lead by:  Sridevi Garu & Ravi


  1. Vamsi – Narrator
  2. Kavya – Mother
  3. Rudra – Son
  4. Ravi – Father
  5. Akhil – Guru
  6. Pranav – Disciple of Guru
  7. Vishnu – God (Lord Krishna)
  8. Shravan – Disciple of God

      2,  Physical & Mental fitness (Yoga & Pranayam) =  ( we will modify this somewhat so that you will perform the Suryanamaskar and some Asanas spontaneously with out any instructions with a background song.)

    Lead By:  Lakshmi Garu & Vasanta Garu,


  1. Shravan
  2. Ravi
  3. Vamsi
  4. Prateek
  5. Akhil
  6. Pranav
  7. Aashna
  8. Priya

   3.  Dance showing Balsanskar message=  

 Lead By:  Radha&Roma’s Mom,  Anata Ji & Hema Garu


  1. Priya
  2. Kavya
  3. Madhurya
  4. Radha
  5. Roma
  6. Prateek
  7. Chaitanya
  8. Shravan















 We think the above three videos aptly represents our class. these three presentations together make about 13mins, we will adjust it some how into 10 mins.  Not all the students have to be in all the three parts (Sanskar, Yoga &  Fun (dance)) of our annual day program, but you can perform in more then one of the above parts. 

Please go through the videos and reply back in which parts, you would like to participate.  We had got some names/parts students would like to play. We have only three weeks left, so we will rehearse in the next three classes for the annual day. But you would have to practice some at home as well, once you identify what all you will perform. We may need some help from parents, to help us organize.

We have an unavoidable program and will be out of town on 2nd, May (saturday), the day before our annual day program, so we have to practice only during the next three classes, so we are thinking if we can gain one extra class that will be great.

This coming saturday works out best for us, I want to check with you all to see, if you would be available this coming saturday (4/11) anytime beofore 3pm or on Sunday (4/12) anytime.