Balsanskar class on 10th, Oct 2010

We had another fun class last week. Below is what’s covered in the class:

1)  In this class we had emphasized again on the homework , as to how important it is for the students to understand and do it properly every day at home and build up a great routine for their life, at this early age.

2) Instead of the quiz, we had a 15 minute session, where the students did the homework-routine in the class under supervision. The students have done a good job.

3) We had added a new asana in the students routine , it is Pada-Paschimottan-Asana

We cannot say enough about this asana.  In Shiv Samita

Lord Shiva has said:

” यह आसन सर्वश्रेष्ठ आसन है। इसको प्रयत्नपूर्वक गुप्त रखें। सिर्फ अधिकारियों को ही इसका रहस्य बतायें”

In english it means:

” This asana is the best of all.  Try to keep this secret. This should be disclosed to only eligible aspirants”

4) We had covered about Navratri, what is Navratri, why it is celebrated and what are it’s benefits and the important days of Navratri are:  “Saptami”, “Ashtami” and “Navami”, which are this coming Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

So, we had asked the students to increase their spiritual practice these three days. So, instead of 5 minutes OMKAR kirtan, we had asked them to do 10 mins OMKAR kirtan these 3 days.

4) Homework for this week is, we had added 5 more mins of omkar kirtan on the three special days mentioned above.

Dialy Routine:

  1. Vajara-Asana (Sit in Vajra Asana and concentrate on your breath, and take the name of God while inhaling and count the breath while exhaling)  —   (5 mins)
  2. Brahmari  Pranayama in Padmasana while concentrating on agnya chakra  (5 times),
  3. Chant Omkar Kirtan (5 mins)
  4. Pada-Paschimottan-Asana  for at least 30 secs.


What’s Next Week:

Next week, we  will concentrate some more on Pada-Paschimottan-Asana and we have some fun exciting games to improve your concentration.




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