Parents Worship Day [14th Feb 2010]

Parents Worship Day [14th Feb 2010]

Timings: 1 pm, in the temple auditorium

Clothing: Students dress up in white kurta in general.

Also collect your costumes for the role you are performing on that day. Let us know if are having any issues collecting your costumes.

A) Announcement:  Sunday school students performing a program for the parents and celebrating Parents Worship Day on 14th Feb

B) Message about this day: Playing following videos on the projector

Innocenti Report by UNICEF:

C) Programs:


Skit : Lord Ganesh &Lord Karthik

[Skit can be seen from 3:28 min to 7:28 min]


Lord Shiva – Abhi

Ma Parvathi – Anu

Lord Ganesh – Karthik

Lord Karthik Swamy – Shravan

Lord Shiva’s Soldiers – Surya , Akhil

Nandi – Prateek

Program 2:  Students Worshiping their Parents

Participants: All students & their parents
Note: Parents please dress up in Indian traditional clothing. Students needs to bring: Plate, Deepak, Tilak, Garland or just a  bouquet

Program 3:  Yogasans, Surya Namaskar & Pranayama

Participants : All Balsanskar Students

Program 4:  Speech by a Balsanskar (Yoga) Student

Participants – Rudra

Program5:  Dance – Hum bacche Balsanskar Ke

Participants  : Anu, Shruthi, Madhurya, Vamsi, Roma, Radha, Prateek, Shravan, Karthik, Surya, Abhi, Prathyusha


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  1. gaurav said,

    February 2, 2010 at 7:23 am

    Sadho Sadho
    Desh ka bhavishya

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