Balsanskar Annual Day

Dear Parents/Students,

Below is the link: Balsanskar-Annual-Day with some snapshots of the group asanas we will perform for the annual day.  You can perform the asanas you are most comfortable with or you can discuss with us and we will come up with something good together. It’s ok if you had missed least few classes, but we request all yoga class students to participate in the annual day program. This will be very motivating to other students.
Mr.Chenchal Subraveti had volunteered to arranging yoga dress (sports trouser and orange t-shirt) for the annual day, instead of everyone running to the store. So, please kindly email me the dress sizes (youth, small, medium, etc) for your children. Please do this in the next 1-2 days.
Annual day approaching very fast we have only one weekend in between (17th, April- Saturday).  So, we are arranging an extra class, please pick one slot from below, that best fits you, based on the response we will pick one slot from below:
1. 10th, April –Saturday (afternoon ~4pm)
2. 11th, April — Sunday (After sunday school morning classes – ~noon-1:30pm)
3. Anytime during the week before 17th, April


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