Balsanskar Class 21st, Nov 2010

Hari OM,
We had a wonderful class today, below is the notes from the class today
  1. Prayer & Review of Last Class/Assignment  (10 mins)
    • Deepa Jyoti/Ganapati / Saraswati/Guru Pooja
    • Students are doing routine about 60% of the time. We Discussed the problems students are having.  For students who couldn’t complete the routine in the morning for any reason, we are asking them to finish it t he evening after returning from the school.  This should be an exception and not a norm. Everyone should try to complete the routine in the morning itself.
  2. Asanas & Pranayam  (25 min)
    • OM Jumping/Swinging Hands/ Thada Asana/Relax
    • Brain/Intellectual Power Technique (5mins)
    • Sarvanga / Pada -Paschimmotan Asana (5 mins)
    • Pranayam – Brahmari Pranayam
  3. Meditation  (10 Mins)
    1. Vajrasana-Tratak (5 mins)
    2. Omkar Dyan – (5 mins)Kirtan/Bhajan
  4. Spiritual Discussion (10 mins)
  5. What’s in Next Class & Hasya Prayog (5 mins)



  • Daily routine that the students are following already. In the asanas we had added “Sarvanga Asana- 30 secs” and do it 2 times every day. In the pranayamas we had added Brain/Intellectual-Power technique. Please do this 25 breaths looking towards the roof and 25 breaths with the chin touching the throat and backbone straight.
  • Please read through this article and write the summary in 1-2 paragraphs and write the moral in this article:
    O Students! Be Inquisitive!  —  Click here to download the article

Hari OM