Balsanskar Class 5th, Dec 2010

Hari OM,

We had a wonderful class after the thanks giving break, below is the notes from the class :

1)  After initial chit-chat,  we had discussed with everyone on how are they keeping up with their routine. Then we reviewed the homework spreadsheet. Lot of them are not filled up.  This is to request all the parents to please update the grades and make it up to date. Here is the link to the spread sheet:

2) We did the regular routine of warm-up, yoga & pranayama

3) We learned a new powerful technique to help students to improve they memory retention power discovered by our ancient Rushi/Muni discussed below. After reading/listening, close your eyes and recollect what you studied by sticking your tongue to the palate inside your mouth. Details explained below.

4) The students have taken turns and read the article : “Oh Students be Inquisitive” . The students are asked to complete the reading at home and write few paragraphs explaining the moral of the story. Click on this  link : O Students be Inquisitive

5) We celebrated the birthday of Karthik in a Vedic way, chanting the Mantras from the Vedas and lighting lamps on a swastika build with 5 colors reflecting the 5 elements of nature, of which this body is made up of. This is done mainly to fill Karthik with positive energy and take the blessings from the Vedas and the 5 elements wishing him health, happiness & success.

6) Of course we all watched the fun birthday video of Karthiek. Check it out here:

7) Home work for this week:  Do your daily routine & please go through the article and write the summary in your own words and bring it to the class.

All this in about 50-55 mins,  just amazing, thanks for your co-operation. See you in the next class.

Hari OM


Rention Technique:

Our Rishis and sages counted number of nerves in the human body long time ago before scientists discovered and they are a total of 72 crore, 72 lakhs, 10 thousand, 201 nerves in the body. Of these the most important nerves are 22 which is 10 are on the right side of the brain and 10 on the left side of the brain and of other 2 nerves, one is called Brahma naadi (nerve) which will help attain self-realization. The other one is Sumriti (Memory Retention) naadi.

  • Sumriti Naadi (nerve) – gets strengthened by sticking the tongue to the palate inside your mouth.
  • Brahma naadi –gets strengthen by practicing brahmacharya.

Technique:  For students to help remembering things they study. After reading/listening, close your eyes and recollect what you studied by sticking your tongue to the palate inside your mouth.

Daily Routine:

  1. Warmup:  OM Jumping & Swinging hands back&front
  2. Brain Memory-Intellectual power pranayam
  3. Select your favorite God idol/photo and do Tratak against it while sitting in  Vajara-Asana   –   (5 mins)
  4. Brahmari  Pranayama in Padmasana while concentrating on agnya chakra  (5 times),
  5. Chant Omkar Kirtan (5 mins)
  6. Pada-Paschimottan-Asana  for at least 30 secs
  7. Sarvanaga Asan
  8. Shavasana  ( Laying flat on the ground, with hands facing up and concentrating on breath and relaxing from tip of toe till the top of the head — 2mins)

O Students be Inquisitive


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