Balsanskar Class on 23rd, Jan 2011

Hari OM,

Below is the notes from last class:

1) We did the regular routine of yoga/pranayama/meditation in the class

2) Each of the student had read a paragraph from the article: “Never Forget your parents”

3) Discussed about the parent’s worship day program on 13th, Feb @12:30 PM in the temple audiotorium. Below are the video links of the story and the dance that will be performed during this program. The performance will be repeated again for the sunday school annual day along with yoga-asanas.

i) Story:

ii) Dance:


i) Daily Routine

ii) Write down the article below on paper and bring it to the class:

iii) Watch the story video carefully and write few paragraphs on the life of the the following and how they succeeded in gaining the blessings of the parents:

  • Ganesh Ji
  • Shri Ram
  • Shravan Kumar
  • Pundalik

iv) Watch the dance video and learn the meaning and by-heart the song:

We have just 3 weeks before the program. Please do not miss to do this home-work.  See you all in the next class!

Hari OM