Balsanskar 9-12-2010

Welcome to our new students:  Kehan, Shree and Shivam.

In this class we had an overview about balsanskar/yoga what is it about basically for the new students.

What is new in this semester for the old students.

We went over some of the balsanskar books/vcds  we would follow as guidelines and tailor them as per this group, to engage everyone and as per the time limits.

We also stated again that these techniques (Asanas, Pranayamas, Suryamanaskar, Meditation, Values)  are not just to hear once and leave but make it a part of ourselves for life and shape our lives.

The we did:

I. Warm-up

  • Thad-Asana
  • Om Jumping
  • Rope jumping- forward/backward

II. Yoga

  • Chakras
    • Went over what are Chakras and their importance
    • Learnt two chakras:
      • Sahasrara Chakra – Sahasrara is either located at the top of the head in the crown are, meaning thousand, is the “Lotus of the Thousand Petals”.  Meditating on this point is said to bring supreme powers.
      • Ajna Chakra – The Ajna chakra is positioned in the brain, directly behind the eyebrow centre. Ajna is white in colour, with 2 white petals.
  • Asanas: Then we did Vajra-Asana

III. Pranayamas:  We did the Brahmari Pranayam

  • Kirtan – We chanted the attached Omkar (Pranav) Kirtan


Students/Parents, please practice the Warm-up, Vajara-Asana-5 mins, Brahmari  Pranayama – 5 times, Chant Kirtan-5 mins at home during this week and mark it in the homework google doc sent in email.  Please add your name, if it is not there already.

Some important things that will be covered in Next Class apart from regular things:

  • Health-tips: In the next class,  we will talk about the Significance of Tulsi (Holy Indian Basil), it’s importance, spiritual, medicinal and cultural.  We will also distribute Tulsi plants in the next class to all the students and inclulte in them some good practices like watering tulsi plant every morning with shloka and eating Tulsi leaves in the morning and drinking water. Some of the importance of this is covered here:

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