Balsanskar 10-26-2010

Hari OM,

  • We are seeing improvements in quite a few students with the daily routine.  This semester instead of covering a lot of things, we are drilling the yoga into their daily routine and the students are responding well.  Parents please don’t forget to update the homework grade in the google doc. I will send the link again in the email.
  • In this class the students have practiced the daily routine in the class and as a group we all did: Pada-Paschimottan-Asana
  • We had not conducted the competition as some of the students were absent due to various reason. We will conduct the competition in the next class.


  1. Warmup:  OM Jumping & Swinging hands back&front
  2. Select your favorite God idol/photo and do Tratak against it while sitting in  Vajara-Asana   –   (5 mins)
  3. Brahmari  Pranayama in Padmasana while concentrating on agnya chakra  (5 times),
  4. Chant Omkar Kirtan (5 mins)
  5. Pada-Paschimottan-Asana  for at least 30 secs.
  6. Shavasana  ( Laying flat on the ground, with hands facing up and concentrating on breath and relaxing from tip of toe till the top of the head — 2mins)

What’s in Next Class:

  1. B’day Celebration:
    • Since this is the last week of this month, we will be celebrating the birthday in Vedic way, while chanting vedic mantras and playing b’day song in the class for students whoe’s b’day is in this month or who b’day got missed recently and would like to celebrate .
    • Please upload the pictures of the student to picasa and send us the link.
    • Please bring white rice and things to light the lamp equal to the number of years of the student and please bring a bigger lamp for this  new year.
    • We are bringing food colors from last b’day so don’t bother to bring them.
    • Please bring any prasad to distribute among the students
  2. Competition
    • Tratak (Who can do Tratak for the longest time, without even blinking eyes)
    • Pada-Paschimottan-Asana (Who can demonstrate this asana well for 30 secs)
    • How many times you can chant “Hari-OM” in a single breath

See you all in the next class. Please don’t miss the class and try to be in the class 5 mins, before the class starts, so that we can cover everything as planned.

Hari OM


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