Balsanskar 9-19-2010

We had a wonderful class today with good participation by the students and parents:

I.Here are the highlights of the class:

  • We had  a 10 min quiz in the morning based on the material covered in the class.
  • There seems to be a confusion about the homework,  and some students were not taking it seriously, so went over the homework very clearly,so that the students can practice the same this week
  • We practiced Thada-asana, OM-Jumping, Vajrasana, Padmasana,  Brahmari Pranayam and Omkar -kirtan
  • We went over the importance of Tulsi and each of the student is given a Tulsi plant, even those who already have Tulsi at home, so that they can put these in a bigger pot and students can raise these as their new Goddess and Friend.
  • The students agreed to make it a habit to: offer water to tulsi plant and eat tulsi leaves and drink water everyday except sunday, dwadashi, amavasya and poonam.
  • We learnt the shloka to recite while offering water to Tulsi plant:
    • Maha Prasada Janani,
    • Sarva Saubhagya Vardini,
    • Aadi (Mental illness) Vyadi (Physical illness) Hara Nityam,
    • Tulasi Tvam Namo Sthutey
  • We learnt the shloka to recite before plucking the leaves from Tulsi plant
    • Om Subhadray Namah
    • Om Subprabhaya Namah


  • Dialy Routine:  Vajara-Asana (5 mins), Brahmari  Pranayama (5 times), Chant Omkar Kirtan (5 mins)
  • By heart the two Tulsi shlokas we learnt in class
  • Plant Tulsi in a bigger pot and offer water to it daily, when it grows bigger or if you have a bigger tulsi at home, pluck 4-5 leaves and wash them and chew them and drink water after that,  so that the leaves don’t get struck between your teeth.
  • Quiz Makeup:  Quiz answers are given below and your test papers will be sent in email,  those who couldn’t take the quiz or couldn’t score full-marks for the questions. Below are the correct answers, if you write the correct answer 3 times and bring it to the class, you get full-marks for it

III. Quiz on 9-19-2010:

Q1. Goal of balsanskar class?

Answer) Healthy Body, Cheerful Mind, an Intellect to know/realize the Self/God who gives us the energy to do everything

Q2.Name two chakras we learned in last class?


  • Sahasrara Chakra – Sahasrara is either located at the top of the head in the crown are, meaning thousand, is the “Lotus of the Thousand Petals”.  Meditating on this point is said to bring supreme powers.
  • Ajna Chakra – The Ajna chakra is positioned in the brain, directly behind the eyebrow centre.  Tilak applied in this region stimulates two endocrine glands in the region the pineal and pituitary glands. It also helps develop the Ajna chakra as well as the power of Discrimination. The acts like taking a bath, charity, penance, fire sacrifice, worship of deities, obsequies rites for the manes all turn abortive without applying Tilak on the forehead. Tilak can be applied by using any of these – Kumkum, Sindoor, Chandan and soil of Tulsi Plant.

3.What are the Asanas practiced in the last class?

Answer)  Vajrasana , Padmasana

IV. Quiz Results:

V. What’s in Next Class:

  • We will go over some more into the importance of Tulsi, both Spirtual and Medicinal with scripture and scientific findings supporting it.
  • We will learn two new Chakras and their importance and will practice meditating at these two energy centers.

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